Kolibri – The Recommandations

For many children and young adults today, living with people from other cultural backgrounds is both reality and normality. Culturally mixed societies, with all their opportunities and challenges, are also reflected in the literature for young people.

In a list of recommendations Baobab Books presents books that offer insights into different cultures and religions, broaden horizons and identify the potential but also the problems raised when different cultures live together. Kolibri is published annually, in German only.

The brochure is an important and practical aid for teachers, librarians, parents and other educators. Books, audio books and teaching materials for all reading levels are discussed. Each entry offers a comprehensive and critical review, indicates the geographical/cultural setting, identifies the target age group and provides all the relevant bibliographic information. Thematic and geographic indexes help you find titles within a specific field of interest.


Our readers evaluate new books for children and young adults on cultural diversity carefully. The set of criteria and questions are applied in drawing up the appraisal.


Kolibri is published by Baobab Books, an independent charitable organisation based in Basel, Switzerland. This list of recommendation is a service to the public and free of charge.

We receive financial support from numerous institutions, organisations and donations from the general public.

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