Teaching Materials

Baobab Books produces teaching materials in German for selected titles in the Baobab Series. Each teaching unit offers background information on a culture and/or a book's topics together with worksheets for use in the classroom. These pedagogic materials will assist teachers and students to explore the books in more depth.You can download the teaching material (in German only) free of charge.
The latest publication are materials in addition to Etwas Schwarzes (Something black). Free download.
Teaching Materials

From Argentina

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Clara, who lived in a small village somewhere in the vast Argentinian pampas. In the only house that was of significant size, a man lived a completely withdrawn life, never showing himself at all. When Clara looked through the window one day, she saw a room full of books and became curious. She dared to speak to the misterious man and Juan opened the door. Clara not only discovered her love for books, but a great friendship developed too …
A story about courage and respect from the Argentinan writer and Hans Christian Andersen medal winner María Teresa Andruetto.
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Last copies available

On the occasion of the 25th edition of Kolibri, we invited 10 authors and illustrators to tell a story. They all have a personal experience of migration in one form or another and they have made a new beginning in their lives.
Ein neues Kapitel
(A new chapter) is the title of this unique publication: A box with seven booklets in nine languages. Already many libraries, organisations, schools and project initiatives are working with these booklets, which can only be ordered from us directly. We've only a few copies left of this special edition.
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Every contribution counts

Swiss based charitable association Baobab Books is committed to promoting cultural diversity in children and youth literature. In order to realise our numerous projects we depend on financial support. As a donor or benefactor member you can support Baobab Books. Every contribution counts and is welcome.

Máttaráhkká's Journey

When the cold winds come up in autumn, the bear disappears into the forest and the birds gather in large flocks, then daylight vanishes in the far north. People become quiet and look up into the dark sky where the gods and godesses are at home. And they have great plans: new life is set to come into the world …
A tale from the land of the Sami. Written an illustrated by the Norwegian-Sami artist Sissel Horndal.
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Foreign Rights

Reza Dalvand published by Rue du monde in France

Iranian illustrator Reza Dalvand's picture book Something Black was published by Baobab Books in 2017 and was critically acclaimed. The book appeared some time later in a Farsi edition in Iran. We are very happy to announce the release of the French edition by Rue du monde. In the US the English translation will be out in 2020 (Scholastic) and the Korean rights are sold as well.
We are very happy to see this most talented artist getting recognized internationally! Please get in touch with us if you are interested in Reza's book – or any other of our divers list.
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New: The 26th Edition of Kolibri

In the latest edition of Kolibri, a list of recommendations, we present 69 recently published books for children and young readers. They all provide insight in different lifes, and they invite the reader to reflect on their own identity as well as on the one of others. These books are carefully selected by our editorial team and they may support teachers, librarians or parents when choosing books for children and young adults.
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Baobab Books: Rights Catalogue

Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form and many have won awards.
Are you interested in translation rights? Our Rights Catalogue gives you an overview on available foreign rights. Please get in touch with us for further information.
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