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Baobab Books, a Swiss based charitable association, is committed to promoting cultural diversity in children and youth literature.
In order to realise our numerous communal projects and the publication of an outstanding international and intercultural book programme for children and young readers we count on donations.
As a donor or benefactor member you can support Baobab Books. Every contribution counts! Thank you very much for your contribution.

New Teaching Resources

Diversity in children's literature has become ever more important. With our free Teaching Resources we encourage teachers to expand the literary curriculum in classroom and promote intercultural dialogue through children's literature.
Our latest release is a unit to the picture book Juju und Jojô for ages 8 to 10. The materials (in German) include background information, worksheets and audios and are free to download.
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Sibiro Haiku shortlisted!

The jury of the German Children's Literature Award has published the shortlist for 2021. The graphic novel Sibiro Haiku is among the selected six books in the category Young Adult Fiction.
The book takes us back to June 1941, we are in Lithuania. The independent Baltic republic has recently been occupied by the Sovjet Army. Now, one fine summer morning Algis and his family is given barely ten minutes to pack before being herded onto a crowded freight train. The end of the journey is a camp in faraway Siberia ...
We are very happy about this honour for Sibiro Haiku and send our congratulations to Jurga Vilė and Lina Itagaki!

Sweet Dreams

Going to bed at the end of a jam-packed day is one of the nicest things in life. But wouldn't you know: Sometimes sleep remains far away, even if you're dead tired.
This is what's happened to this boy, looking at us with his eyes wide awake. He can't go to sleep. «Then I'll just go for a little walk,» he says and off he goes. Just look at all the creatures he meets on his way …!
Schlaf gut
by the Georgian artist Tatia Nadareischvili has just been reprinted. Furthermore: The book as just been published in India by Jugnoo Prakashan/Ektara and in the US by Eerdman's Publishing.

Tina Takes Heart

One day, Tina has the courage to venture into the big bamboo grove behind her house. Her dog, a Red Irish Setter, is at her side. Poppy goes ahead as mysterious signs appear: a whistling sound, a trail of acorns … Where does this all lead to?
Sometimes it takes courage to explore something unknown. Something that might seem impossibly big or infinitely dark. But if we overcome our fear and follow our curiosity, we can discover the most beautiful things – says the Georgian illustrator Tatia Nadareishvili in this charming book trailer.
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Foreign Rights

A reason to celebrate!

Baobab Books has a long story to tell. Let's take a short cut for now: After two decades we decided 2011 it is time to change our role from editor to publisher. Hence, Baobab Books became an independent children's book publisher with all its challenges and joys. We followed our heart and our convictions and made things going, well, we made our books going. Many of them have won awards and have been translated into different languages around the globe.
2021 we celebrate our 10th anniversary as an indie publisher with our wonderful artists! We have selected four books from our programme and set up an exhibition package for each of them: Original drawings, sketches, collages … Original picture book art to be exhibited in book stores, libraries, community centers – some of it shown in public for the first time ever.
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Our Rights Catalogue

Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form and many have won awards.
Are you interested in translation rights? Our Rights Catalogue gives you an overview on available foreign rights. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information – also we are happy to schedule an online-meeting.
Our Foreign Rights titles