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While we see the first snow falls here, summer is just beginning in Uruguay. And on such an early summer morning, the summer guests arrive in Matías Acosta's picture book. A friendship that is as unusual as it is wonderful begins and rises to lofty heights ...
This beautiful story from Uruguay is just one of many stories from around the world that can be discovered at Baobab Books.
From cardboard books to graphic novels, from stories from the Sami country to youth novels from South Africa – in our book programme you will find stories and pictures from all over the world and in all shapes and sizes. All books are available directly from Baobab Books or in your bookstore.

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Diversity is our watchword: from cardboard books to graphic novels, from stories from the Sami country to youth novels from South Africa – in our book programme you will find stories and pictures from all over the world and in all shades. All books are available directly from Baobab Books or at your bookstore.
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From November 25th until 23rd of December 2021, the original images of the picture book Etwas Schwarzes will be shown in an exhibition at the intercultural library LivrEchange in Fribourg. Talking to children about fantasies, wishes, but also fears is usually a very stimulating thing. In this story, the Iranian illustrator Reza Dalvand addresses the encounter with the unknown and explores the tension between curiosity and fear. The exhibition will open on November 25th at 6 p.m. with a discussion and a trilingual reading. 
→ Thursday, November 25th, 6 pm, LivrEchange, Rue du Midi 3–7, Friborg

Sibiro Haiku wins the German Children's Literature Award 2021!

Algis could not have known what was waiting for him in life when he was picked up by Soviet soldiers in 1941 as a child from the Lithuanian village and deported to Siberia. Not the desperation in the camp and everything that followed ... And even less could he have known that his fate would one day move so many people.
His daughter Jurga Vilė wrote the story, Lina Itagaki illustrated it – and now the graphic novel Sibiro Haiku has been awarded the German Children's Literature Award 2021 for the category YA!
We are extremely pleased about this award and warmly congratulate the authors and the translator Saskia Drude on this award! Sibiro Haiku is a book that tells the finest shades of humanity in the midst of inhumanity.
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Out now

The German translation of the South African novel «The Hum of the Sun» has just arrived hot off the press.
In a small house somewhere in the South African province, a mother raises three children alone: ​​Zuko, Honey and Ash. Eight-year-old Zuko still doesn't speak, Honey is ailing and 17-year-old Ash has a lot of responsibility. After a series of tragic events, the brothers Ash and Zuko set out on foot for a long way into town – there is not enough money for a bus trip. They have little more in their luggage than the address of the man who must be their father ...
Kirsten Miller paints a multi-layered picture of South Africa. There is love next to violence, poverty next to wealth. The path between fatalism and responsibility is narrow in this tense society. But in the end, this moving and exciting novel is about human dignity, the right to self-determination and dealing with otherness.
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Available again: Eine Geschichte ohne Ende

The cardboard book Eine Geschichte ohne Ende made of recycled cardboard is available again and looks forward to being accompanied on the walk through the jungle. An anteater comes along, closely followed by a panther. The hummingbird is buzzing above the turtle's head, and where is the armadillo going? Oh, the tip of a snake's tail, danger?
But well, a hand appears. We follow the colour trail. Indeed, the master has a whole pot of red paint on hand. Each individual gets a magnificent figure ...
A great cycle is going on here and the end of the book takes us right back to its beginning. The story begins anew on each page and never ends. Everything is said without words.
»An ingeniously simply told Silent Book for people of all languages and cultures about the transience of joy that always carries the chance of a happy new beginning!
» kjl&m
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New: A counting rhyme from Iran

Last but not least, the fourth book of this year's programme is now available. The Persian counting rhyme Li li li li hosak (Li li li li little puddle) is a very well known child's play from Iran. There is a puddle in the palm of the hand and when the thirsty baby bird rushes up, it falls – splash, splash! right in the middle. Every finger has its role in the rescue. Interestingly, the rhyme starts with the little finger, the rogue is the big thumb at the end ...
The Iranian illustrator Reza Dalvand has created a charming little book from the old verse: he cleverly integrates the original Persian text into the bilingual edition publish in German under the title Plitsch, platsch - pitsch, patsch.
The cardboard book for children from 2 years of age was made from recycled cardboard, the printing inks are purely plant-based.
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Foreign Rights Catalogue

Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form, many have won awards.
Are you interested in translation rights? Our Rights Catalogue gives you an overview on currently available foreign rights. The full list of all titles you can find → here. Do get in touch with us for further information or an online-meeting.
Baobab Rights Catalogue

Kolibri – Our list of recommendations

In the latest edition of Kolibri, a list of recommendations, we present recently published books for children and young readers. They all provide insight in different lifes, and they invite the reader to reflect on their own identity as well as on the one of others. These books are carefully selected by our editorial team and they may support teachers, librarians or parents when choosing books for children and young adults.
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The Summer Guests

The first book of this year's programme has just arrived – or rather: landed. A man lives by himself and enjoys the peace and quiet of his little house. But the calm is over when one summer morning a group of geese lands on the roof, chattering loudly. No matter how hard the man tries to get them to fly on, the guests are unimpressionable. They came to stay ... and that's how a very special friendship is born.
The picture book
Die Sommergäste – Las visitas del verano originated in Uruguay. In a short video, the illustrator Matías Acosta takes us to his home and tells us about his artistic inspiration.
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Waiting for Mama

A child stands at the tram stop and waits for its mother. Many people get on and off – only the mother cannot be seen. She doesn't come on the next tram either. At the next but one, the conductor warns the child: "You'd best stay here until your mother comes." It's cold and the clouds are growing thicker and thicker ... When will mom arrive?
To find her, you need to take a close look.
The pictures by the artist Kim Dong-Seong not only invite you to linger, but also to discover. Due to great demand, we have reissued the moving picture book from Korea.
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Troisdorf Picture Book Prize 2021

The jury of the Troisdorf Picture Book Prize has announced its decision for the winners for 2021. Tatia Nadareischwili wins 2nd prize with her book Tina hat Mut. We are delighted about this award and warmly congratulate the illustrator! In her picture book, the Georgian artist tells of a girl who overcomes her fear and enters the dark, unknown bamboo forest behind the house. A mystical path opens up ... Where does it lead?
«Tina hat Mut presents itself consistently in a rather minimalist setting (...) and alludes to the country of the own childhood.
In fact, there are many memories of earlier times that the illustrator reflects in her picture book, ” writes the jury.
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New Teaching Resources

Diversity in children's literature has become ever more important. With our free Teaching Resources we encourage teachers to expand the literary curriculum in classroom and promote intercultural dialogue through children's literature.
Our latest release is a unit to the picture book Juju und Jojô for ages 8 to 10. The materials (in German) include background information, worksheets and audios and are free to download.
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