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Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form and many have won awards.
Are you interested in translation rights? Our Rights Catalogue gives you an overview on available foreign rights. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information – also we are happy to schedule an online-meeting.
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New audios from Baobab Books

Reading and listening have become particurlary meaningful lately. Not just because we were all staying at home a lot more than normal, but also because it has become evident that we have to listen to each other. What story as the other to tell?
As we all live in the same world, we make different experiences. Baobab Books stands for diversity, in our book programme voices from all different parts of the world can be heard. In addition to our books, we now have audios to offer. In German an many other languages too – and more is there to come. Enjoy the listening!

We have moved

Baobab Books has recently moved to a new location! Please note our new address: Oscar Frey-Strasse 6, CH-4059 Basel.
You can reach us by Tram with No 15 («Studio Basel) oder No 16 («Bruderholz»). Our doors are open for visitors and you are most welcome to browse and purchase our books!

New: The 27th Edition of Kolibri

In the latest edition of Kolibri, a list of recommendations, we present recently published books for children and young readers. They all provide insight in different lifes, and they invite the reader to reflect on their own identity as well as on the one of others. These books are carefully selected by our editorial team and they may support teachers, librarians or parents when choosing books for children and young adults.
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Out now: Tina Takes Heart

One day, Tina has the courage to venture into the big bamboo grove behind her house. Her dog, a Red Irish Setter, is at her side. Poppy goes ahead as mysterious signs appear: a whistling sound, a trail of acorns … Where does this all lead to?
Sometimes it takes courage to explore something unknown. Something that might seem impossibly big or infinitely dark. But if we overcome our fear, if we follow our curiosity, we can discover the most beautiful things. Just like Tina in this book.
The new book by the Georgian Illustrator Tatia Nadareishvili is out just now, Foreign Rights are available too.
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New release: Sibiro Haiku

It is June 1941 and we are in Lithuania – which recently been occupied by the Sovjet Army. One morning Algis and his family is given barely ten minutes to pack before being herded onto a crowded freight train. The terminus of the journey is a camp in barren Siberia. It is Algis who is telling us the story from his children's perspective. The prisoners are forced to adapt to living in harsh conditions. Whilst this life quickly becomes a battle for survival against hunger, the cold, and despair, the thrown together community shows gallows humor and remarkable inventiveness.
Based on the true story of her father, Jurga Vilé, along with artist Lina Itagaki, offers an unforgettable tale of a childhood in exile.
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We made it!

Thank you all! In only 3o days 7103 Swiss Francs have been donated on wemakeit!
We appreciate the generous support tremendously and are very happy that our two new books can be published as planned: Sibiro Haiku, a Graphic Novel from Lithuania, and Tina hat Mut, a picture book from Georgia.
The crowdfunding is over, but we are still struggling get through the current situation.You can support Baobab Books through a donation or even become a donor member of our association. Thank you for your contribution.

Peter Pan-Prize for Bené

The Peter Pan-Prize has been awarded by IBBY Sweden for the last 20 years. We are thrilled to announce  Bené, faster than the fastest chicken is the winner 2020! The Swedish translation of Eymard Toledo's first picture book was published recently and we congratulate the Eymard as well as the Swedish publisher Karneval Förlag!
The jury wrote: «The story of Bené, a boy in a little village in Brazil who loves to play football, is conveyed with humour and warmth and with illustrations full of expression. The love of the sport forms the gateway into the story and the everyday life of Bené in another part of the world is depicted in a straightforward and amusing way. All in all this leads to a beautiful and enthralling book about the life in an environment so different than ours, yet full of similarities and points in common.»
Foreigen Rights for this and other books by Eymard Toleda are available.
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