Foreign Rights Catalogue

Baobab Books presents an international and diverse programme of children's literature. Our books originate in many different places of the world, each is unique in its form, many of them award winning.
Our Rights Catalogue 2022 highlights some of the currently available foreign rights titles. Are you interested in translation rights? Do get in touch with us for further information or a meeting request for one of the upcoming book fairs.
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A book – the perfect gift

A children's book is a beautiful gift: it is something personal, does not need a password or a charger and may even be passed on to the next generation. Books let you dive into the depths, travel through past times and discover unknown worlds ...
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All orders received by Wednesday 21.12. at 2 p.m. will be delivered by post in Switzerland in time for Christmas.

An old tale from Ukraine

In the picture book from Ukraine Das Rübchen – Ripka the fairy tale of the little turnip is told, which grows to such a size under the loving care of grandpa that everyone has to help to pull it out of the ground. But only when the little mouse helps does the feat succeed ...
The Ukrainian artist duo Romana Romanyschyn and Andrij Lessiw have reinterpreted this old tale and created a book that makes the turnip grow bigger and bigger under our hands. And what's more, it's bilingual German – Ukrainian.
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Story and language diversity

To coincide with Matías Acosta's visit to Basel with his book Die Sommergäste, we now have the Spanish audio book in our audio library. Other books such as Plitsch, platsch – pitsch, patsch or Tina hat Mut can also be listened to in their original language. We now have over 25 audio versions of our books.
Baobab Books audio library
Die Sommergäste in Spanish

«My heart is spread all over the world.»

The author Kätlin Kaldmaa skilfully embeds the personal life story in the country's eventful history. In doing so, she focuses on the child and teenager Lydia and connects the past with the present, the personal with the universal.
Walter Mirbeth writes about our German translation of Lydia: «Maximilian Murmann has convincingly translated this biography into German. And it is thanks to Baobab that it has found a way to us,» while in the book the main character Lydia says: «My heart is spread all over the world.»
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Wasserwelten – last copies!

A crocodile lies in the dark green water, while a ravenous crane lets itself be rocked by the waves. We meet a fish family that promises happiness and seahorses that want to be protected ... The book Wasserwelten by the Indian artist Rhambaros Jha was produced by hand using the silk-screen printing process. The beautiful book is now sold out, but there are still a few last copies available at Baobab Books – for those who decide quickly! There are no plans for a new edition.
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Two lives, two books … we made it!

Thanks to your diligent support, we have managed to reach our goal in less than 30 days. "The Goose Game" and the first volume of "Son of Formosa" will thus be published as planned next spring. We are currently fine-tuning the translations, the first drafts for the layout are ready and we are testing designs for the book covers. A huge thank you to all our supporters! The two books will be out in spring 2023 – our backers will be the first to know about it.
Two lives, two books (German only)

The patron members with the prettiest bookshelves

The autumn books arrived a few days ago. Would you also like to have Das Rübchen – Ripka und Lydia on your bookshelf? With a patron membership «Baobab+Books» in the Baobab Books association, you not only support our activities as a non-profit association in the long term – but also receive a copy of all new publications of the year sent to you on request: 3 to 4 books and the recommended reading directory Kolibri.
Baobab Books has set itself the goal of using books to contribute to understanding and dialogue between people and cultures. More than ever, we are convinced that nothing is more important than the ability to listen to each other and to engage in respectful dialogue. Especially books for children and young people play an important role in this. The Baobab Books book programme includes stories from all over the world and from very different perspectives. With our intercultural reading promotion projects, we also provide young people with access to books as well as thematic immersion.
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The first podcast by Baobab Books

Over the summer we worked on our first podcast, which was developed in collaboration with the PH Luzern. In it, we take you on a BuchBesuch.
The voices of pupils, young people who carry out the BookVisit for young people as well as a teacher and a librarian have their say.
We hope you enjoy listening - more productions will follow.
Podcast «Visiting the BuchBesuch» (16 min, German only)
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Kolibri – Our list of recommendations

In the latest edition of Kolibri, a list of recommendations, we present recently published books for children and young readers. They all provide insight in different lifes, and they invite the reader to reflect on their own identity as well as on the one of others. These books are carefully selected by our editorial team and they may support teachers, librarians or parents when choosing books for children and young adults.
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Letter by letter

We are very pleased that Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendliteratur und Medien has awarded Zin with the LesePeter August 2022. The jury justifies its decision as follows: «Hassan Zahreddine succeeds in linking the visual and narrative levels in a complex way with this narrative synthesis of the arts. [...] Zin's story exemplarily illustrates the manifold levels of meaning of the printed word.»
Deutschlandfunk also praises the book in a feature in Büchermarkt: «Zin, this is an extraordinary children's book that broadens horizons and stirs things up, that makes a lasting impression.»
In Zin, the extraordinary children's book, the well-known Lebanese printmaker Hassan Zahreddine tells the story of his own father, who teaches himself the alphabet at the typesetting box in the print shop and later becomes a typesetter. Zahreddine created the finely chiselled illustrations for the book using the elaborate mezzotint printing technique.
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A book as refreshing as a swim …

A lot of attention for Das Meer: "Micaela Chirif conjures up a round of eleven poems in which the sky, the octopus, the whale, the mermaid, fish, stars, clouds, the fisherman, the tiger, the river and the sea set in motion an elemental and magical exploration of the world," says the jury of the Josef Guggenmos Prize for Children's Poetry, which selected the book for the 2022 recommendation list.
The ZDF editorial team also liked the book and presented it in the programme Kulturzeit on 3Sat. The universe of thoughts was illustrated in a joint effort by three Mexican illustrators. Their brushstrokes and ink lines make this picture book a total work of art. The jury of Deutschlandfunk's Best 7 also found this to be the case, presenting the book in the Best List of the Month for July.
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→ Video by Micaela Chirif
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Project Week

Eymard Toledo writes and illustrates children's books using a fascinating collage technique. Three works have already been published by Baobab Books. Juju and Jojô tells of life in the middle of a big city. But there are not only urban canyons, traffic noise and crowds of people, but also a fascinating world in miniature: a tree full of insects, butterflies, honey bees ... At the end of the story, the twins Juju and Jojô face a change of school, time for a look into the future.This is where a new project format from Baobab Books comes in: During one week, primary school children work on a book at the end of their school years together under the artistic direction of Eymard Toledo. In the process, they depict the world in which they live and show in close-ups what is important to them – today and for their future. In the end, the collages and texts will be combined into one big whole.We will conduct the project week for the first time with a primary school class in Basel at the end of June 2022. Further information will follow.



A counting rhyme from Iran

Literally every child in Iran knows the counting rhyme Plitsch, platsch – pitsch, patsch under the title Li li li li hosak. The finger game goes like this: There is a puddle in the palm of the hand and when the thirsty baby bird rushes over, it falls – splash, splash! – into the middle. Every finger has its task in the rescue, starting with the little finger. In the end the thumb is the rascal.
«It impresses with its great simplicity, reduced line and rhymed mischievousness»
, writes the magazin Eselsohr about this cardboard book for children aged 2 and up.
The Iranian illustrator Reza Dalvand has created an enchanting little book from the old verse and cleverly integrated the original Persian text.
Sample pages (in German)

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