Zorro heisst Fuchs
Stories from the Andean Indian peoples
Illustrated by Gredna Landolt. Translated from Spanish by Margreth Wannenmacher
Göttingen, Lamuv Verlag, 1992
Out of Print
Ages 10 and up

Blaue Brillenschlange 1993
'El zorro que subió al cielo' and 'Tierra y tiempos eternos' © 1) 1990 Gredna Landolt (Ill.), Proyecto Escuela, Ecología y Comunidad Campesina, Lima, Peru (Text) © 2) 1990 Academia de la Lengua Aymará. Puno, Peru
Traditional stories from the Andean peoples, as they are still told today: about the fox and other animals that transform themselves, about people and about devils.