Nasrallah, Emily
Kater Ziku lebt gefährlich
A story from Lebanon

Translated from Arabic by Doris Kilias. Illustrated by Maha Nasrallah.
© 2004 Reihe Baobab by Atlantis Verlag
128 pages
CHF 23.00 / € 14,90
ISBN 978-3-7152-0499-4
Ages 10 and up

Ziku the tomcat has a good life and Muna loves him very much. But one day, war breaks out. Ziku and Muna cannot play outside any more, the windows are barricaded. When the situation becomes too dangerous, Muna's family decide to leave Beirut — but without Ziku …


Original: »Yaumiyat Hirr« © 1997 by Emily Nasrallah