Mwangi, Meja
Kariuki und sein weisser Freund
A story from Kenia

Translated from English by Jürgen Martini und Helmi Martini Honus
Lamuv, Göttingen, 2004
160 pages
CHF 14.80 / EUR 8,00
ISBN 978-3-88977-656-3
ages 12 and up

A boy from Kenya: Kariuki. A boy from England: Nigel, the grandchild of the man who owns the farm. Two worlds meet. The boys form a secret friendship, even though Kariuki is often deeply troubled by Nigel's accounts of Tarzan, the king of the jungle, and other strange things. The book has received numerous awards, including the German Children's Book Prize.


Original: © 1991 by Meja Mwangi