Kim, Ryeo-Ryeong

Eins – zwei, eins – zwei – drei

A novel from Korea
Translated from Korean by KIM Hyuk-Sook and Manfred Selzer
© 2020 Baobab Books
208 pages, hardcover, 13 x 20,5 cm
ISBN 978-3-905804-98-0
CHF 23.80 / € (D) 18,00 / € (A) 18,50
Ages 14 and up



The author

KIM Ryeo-Ryeong (*1971) was born in Seoul. Only after turning thirty, Kim, entered the creative writing department of Seoul Institute of the Arts. Eins – zwei, eins – zwei – drei was published under the title Wan-Deuk in Korea 2008. It became a big success in no time and has so far sold over 700’000 times. The book was later made into a movie: Punch by Lee Han became a major success with over 5 million tickets sold in Korea.
Kim, a mother oft two, lives nowadays as a freelance author in the Korean province Gyeonggi-do.



Die Originalausgabe wurde 2008 unter dem Titel «Wan-Duk» bei Changbi Publishers, Inc. in Korea veröffentlicht. © 2008 Kim Ryeo-Ryeong