Kilaka, John
Frische Fische (Fresh Fish)
A picture book from Tanzania

Translated from Swahili by Christine Hatz, edited by Anna Katharina Ulrich
© Baobab Books 2001, new edition 2017
Original edition
32 pages, hardcover, 29 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-905804-79-9
CHF 21.80 / € (D) 16,50 / € (A) 17,00
ages 4 and up

It has been a long time since chimpanzee Sokwe has caught so many fish. He's already excited about the money he will earn selling his catch. But Dog puts paid to all that. He wants to eat Sokwe's fish himself. The animals track down the fish thief and he must atone for his misdeed. A comic but profound story in the tradition of Tanzanian Tingatinga painting.

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Japan, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil)
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The Author

John Kilaka was born in the southwest of Tanzania in 1966. Already as a boy he was very interested in painting: as a child he was doing sketches in the sand; when he started school he made funny drawings on the black board, what enjoyed the ohter pupils but disturbed the teacher. At the age of twenty he moved to Dar es Salaam to study the art of tingatinga painting. Today John Kilaka is one of the most important representants of tingatinga art.