Dalvand, Reza

Plitsch, platsch – pitsch, patsch
Li li li li hozak

A counting rhyme from Iran

Bilingual German – Persian
Translated from Persian by Nazli Hodaie
© 2021 Baobab Books
Original edition
20 pages, 16,5 x 20 cm
Board book, printed with plant based ink on 100% recycled cardboard
CHF 16.80 / € [D] 12,90 / € [A] 13,30
ISBN 978-3-907277-08-9
Ages 2 and up

Thirsty, a baby bird runs quickly towards the puddle. But oh! It stumbles and lands right in the little puddle! Luckily, help is at hand: The first finger pulls it out, the second dries it off and the third also makes itself useful.
But who actually pushed the baby bird into the puddle?, asks the fourth finger.
»I just nudged it,« admits the fifth, the one with the big cap, slightly contrite.
Every child in Iran knows this Persian finger game with the counting rhyme. The puddle is in the palm of the hand of the story teller. And when the bird falls into the water, every finger has its job. The verse starts with the little finger, while the rogue at the end is the big thumb. This makes counting a breeze.
The Iranian illustrator Reza Dalvand has created a charming little book from the old, orally transmitted verse from Persian culture. If you want, you can also read the verse in Persian: Reza Dalvand cleverly integrates the original text as an ornament into the picture, creating unity between verse and illustration.
This board book made of recycled cardboard, printed with plant based ink and with a cut-out will fit right into any children's hand.

The Author and Illustrator

Reza Dalvand (*1989) was born in the Iranian city of Andimeshk. As a child he had but one idea in his head – to draw. After studying graphic design at Isfahan University of Art he completed a master's degree in illustration at the University of Tehran.
He has illustrated many books for children in Iran and abroad. His works have been recognised at international exhibitions and competitions. Besides his position as Art Director of an Iranian Publishing House Reza works as a freelance illustrator in Tehran.