Chen Chih-Yuan
Kleiner Spaziergang
A picture book from Taiwan in German and Chinese

Translated from Chinese by Johannes Fiederling
© Baobab Books, 2010; 2nd edition 2016
36 pages, hard cover, 21,0 x 30,5 cm
ISBN 978-3-905804-32-4
CHF 24.80 / € (D) 15,90 / € (A) 16,40
ages 4 and up

Hsiao-Yu lives in Taiwan. Whenever she writes her name, she also writes «little fish» – this is the meaning of her name‘s characters in Chinese.
Today Hsiao-Yu is going for a little walk, she has to get eggs for dinner. We follow her through her world full of wonders: One time her world turns blue, another time blurry. She meets the shadow cat, and finds a little flower and a new friend, too. There is a lot to see when going for a walk with Hsiao-Yu!



The author

Chen Chih-Yuan was born in Taiwan in 1975. He works as a freelance illustrator and has publishes many books for children. He is three-time winner of the prestigious Hsin Yi Picture Book Award, many of his books have been translated in to serveral languages. Chen lives with his wife and twin children in the South of Taiwan.

Original edition: »Hsiao-Yü san bu« © 2001 by Chih Yuan Chen. Published 2001 by Hsin Yi Publications, Taipei