Ando, Mikie

Der Mond zu Gast

7 unusual stories from Japan about life and happiness

Translated from Japanese by Koyama Yoko und Peter Siebert
Illustrated by Shimowada Sachiyo
Baobab Books, 2011
104 pages, hard cover, 13,5 x 19 cm

ISBN 978-3-905804-34-8
CHF 24.80 / € (D) 16,50 / € (A) 17,00

ages 8 and up


A tadpole wonders why we get up, if we go to bed again anyway. A deer looks for an answer to the question about the meaning of life. A tiger cries because he has eaten a fox… and a moon bear wishes the crescent moon were his friend, so that he can escape his loneliness.
These seven precious stories from Japan, told with impressive lightness, poetry, and wit, talk about the major questions of life. Who am I? What is friendship? What is happiness? A book that will make you thoughtful, a book that will make you smile.

The author

Ando Mikie was born in Kofu, Japan, in 1953. She has written numerous short stories, fairy tales and children's books in Japanese, which of many have been awared prizes.

The illustrator

Shimowada Sachiyo was born in the Aichi prefecture in Japan in 1968. She works as an illustrator for Japanese periodicals and children's books.



Original edition: »Atama no uchidokoro ga warukatta kuma no hanashi« © 2007 by Ando Mikie