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Baobab Books promotes cultural diversity in children’s literature. We publish books for children and young readers from all over the world translated into German. Thereby we keep an eye on minorities and marginalised communities in particular.

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Clara und der Mann im großen Haus

María Teresa Andruetto / Martina Trach
A picture book from Argentina
Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber
© 2019 Baobab Books


Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a small village somewhere in the vast Argentinian pampas. In the only house that was of significant size, a man lived a completely withdrawn life, never showing himself at all. When Clara looked through the window one day, she saw a room full of books and became curious. She dared to speak to the misterious man and Juan opened the door. Clara not only discovered her love for books, but a great friendship developed too …
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Máttaráhkkás weite Reise

Sissel Horndal
A story from the Land of the Sami
Translated from Norwegian by Elisabeth Berg
© 2019 Baobab Books


When the cold winds come up in autumn, the bear disappears into the forest and the birds gather in large flocks, then daylight vanishes in the far north. People become quiet and look up into the dark sky where the gods and godesses are at home. And they have great plans: new life is set to come into the world …
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Die Uhr meines Großvaters

Samuel Castaño Mesa
A picture book from Colombia
Bilingual German – Spanish
Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber
© 2019 Baobab Books

The ticking of the pendulum clock in the house accompanies a family’s every-day life. The clock says when it’s time to get up, when to drink coffee, when to hang up the laundry to dry and when it’s time to go back to bed. And in the night, when all is quiet, its ticking roams around the whole house. Grandpa never forgets to wind the clock up with his small key. But one day Grandpa dies. This causes not only the inhabitants of the house to fall out of time.
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Juju und Jojô

Eymard Toledo
A story from the big city
Translated from Portuguese by Michael Kegler
© 2019 Baobab Books

The twins Juju and Jojô live in a very, very big city, and if they want to see the sky, then they have to tilt their heads back very, very far. In the olden days, their neighbour tells them, her house was the highest in the neighbourhood. The girls can’t imagine that, for today her house is the smallest one in their street, and they don’t know anything other than life in the densely built-up city. But there’s also a tree growing in front of their house. It's a Jabuticaba tree – also called a Brazilian grape tree. Their father planted it when they were still small. It's already grown as high as their balcony by now …
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Hallo, Walfisch!

Lauris Gundars
A novel from Latvia. Illustrated by Annette Melece.
Translated from Latvian by Matthias Knoll
© 2018 Baobab Books

Whale and Buzzbee – these are the nicknames grandfather and granddaughter have given to each other. They do have real names too, but that is another story … Whale and Buzzfly live in Riga and they spend a lot of time together while Buzzbee’s parents are at work. Always, Buzzbee has bugging questions. One day she asks Whale: »Why don’t you say hello to other people?« She herself was thaught to greet everyone and doesn’t mind to say hello at all; even to the grumpy man from the corner shop. Grandfather is short of an answer and comes up with a strange explanation …

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Schneller Hase

John Kilaka

A picture book from Tanzania
Transmitted from Swahili by Maja Ruef
© 2018 Baobab Books

The animals are thirsty, as there isn't enough water to go around. But the hungry crocodile lurking in the river is in no mood to share. It has demanded a sacrificial offering to satisfy its hunger. The big animals all agree that a small animal has to be the sacrificed. To this end they want to catch Rabbit … And quickly the new story by Tanzanian author and artist John Kilaka takes up speed!
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