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Baobab Books promotes cultural diversity in children’s literature. We publish books for children and young readers from all over the world translated into German. Thereby we keep an eye on minorities and marginalised communities in particular.

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Tina Takes Heart (Tina hat Mut)

Tatia Nadareischwili
A picture book from Georgia
Translated from Georgian by Rachel Gratzfeld
© 2020 Baobab Books

Tina loves to discover new things. Only the bamboo grove behind the house seems too dark and too dangerous. But one day, Tina has the courage to venture into the bamboo grove. Her dog, a Red Irish Setter, is at her side. Poppy goes ahead as mysterious signs appear: a whistling sound, a trail of acorns … Where does this all lead to?
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Siberian Haiku (Sibiro Haiku)

Jurga Vilė / Lina Itagaki
A Graphic Novel from Lithuania
Translated from Lithuanian by Saskia Drude
© 2020 Baobab Books

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Eins – zwei, eins – zwei – drei

Ryeo-Ryeong Kim
A novel from Korea
Translated from Korean by KIM Huyk-Sook and Manfred Selzer
© 2020 Baobab Books

17-year-old Wan-Deuk did not have an easy start into life. His mother has left long time ago. His single parenting father suffers from discrimination as being of short stature and tries as street trader after he loses his job. Income is scarce and his time to look after his son limited.
Under these circumstances, Wan-Deuk does not see a reason why he should take a lot of trouble to get good grades. But he never loses in a fight …
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Im Garten von Oma Apo

Wei Tang
A picture book from China
Translated from Chinese by Brigitte Koller
© 2020 Baobab Books

Granny Apo lives on the top floor. Her garden is on the roof top of the building in the middle of the city! Here she feeds the chicken with the greens from the market. Whatever is left is given to the plants which still have to grow. The tomatoes are hungry, the salad is thirsty, and the cabbage begs for help: the caterpillars are on the way … Granny Apo tends her sky garden with great care until it is time to harvest. She clips and cuts, and fills all her bags and baskets.
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Clara und der Mann im großen Haus

María Teresa Andruetto / Martina Trach
A picture book from Argentina
Translated from Spanish by Jochen Weber
© 2019 Baobab Books


Once upon a time, there was a girl who lived in a small village somewhere in the vast Argentinian pampas. In the only house that was of significant size, a man lived a completely withdrawn life, never showing himself at all. When Clara looked through the window one day, she saw a room full of books and became curious. She dared to speak to the misterious man and Juan opened the door. Clara not only discovered her love for books, but a great friendship developed too …
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Máttaráhkkás weite Reise

Sissel Horndal
A story from the Land of the Sami
Translated from Norwegian by Elisabeth Berg
© 2019 Baobab Books


When the cold winds come up in autumn, the bear disappears into the forest and the birds gather in large flocks, then daylight vanishes in the far north. People become quiet and look up into the dark sky where the gods and godesses are at home. And they have great plans: new life is set to come into the world …
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